Opus 131

  • photo: Seto Hidemi

  • choreography: Alessio Silvestrin
  • dancers: Yuichiro Yokozeki, Yi Song, Ayuko Kaneta, Mio Kondo, Megumi Ihara,
    Miki Watherford, Misako Kato, Chiyumi Kawamura, Shinobu Sakaguchi, Yuka Sakuma, Yuki Shibata, Minami Suzuki, Yuki Taoka, Mayumi Nishimura, Kumiko Hirao, Mikako Ferrandon, Fuyuko Marusawa
  • music: Ludwing van Beethoven; String Quartet No. 14 in C sharp minor, Op. 131
  • light design: Yuji Sekiguchi, Alessio Silvestrin
  • costume design: Alessio Silvestrin
  • costume maker: Eiko Kawashimura
  • lenght: 41 min.
  • premiere: New National Theater Tokyo – Play House, Tokyo 11.02.2014
  • production: Studio Architanz

Abstraction is a triumph of human consciousness, beyond common imagination and therefore may not be intelligible.
I am not saying something merely abstract in its naturalized, regressed and concrete sense, but in a sense so highly concrete and singular that differentiation, or emergence will be realized in a radical quality.
Abstraction from definite actuality evokes the mediation of contradiction, or infinite differentiation in the spontaneous process of abstraction from possibility.
In the process idealizing finiteness, the parts develop in their individuality so as to constitute the organic whole.
Classicism in music as the expression of finiteness, in such process, transmuted into series of intensities without spontaneity, consisting of such contrasts as the conflict between polyphony and unison destructing it.
Thus Classicism leaps to Hyper-classicism.

Alessio Silvestrin


Opus 131” choreographed by Alessio Silvestrin uses Beethoven’s quartet with the same title, and the dancers, Yuichiro Yokozeki, Yi Song, Ayuko Kaneda, Mio Kondo, etc., narrate serene and dense scenes, based on classical ballet techniques. During the piece, the scrim sometimes divides the stage at the center into the front and back, and the light behind the scrim relieves the corps de ballet as a background of the solos, and makes them look dancing in front of a piece of painting.

Takao Noritoshi