17 Haiku

Alessio Silvestrin


for virginal and mokugyo

17 HAIKU for virginal and mokugyo, composed and performed by Alessio Silvestrin, finds its inspiration form of the Japanese poem Haiku of the XVII century, which consist of 17 on ( also known as morae ) in three phrases of 5, 7 and 5 on respectively. The keyboard is divided of three section of 17 keys each, form the total 51 keys of the virginal ( 4 foot ) inspired by the Flemish School of the XVII century, built by Bruno Zardini, Verona 1991.During the live performance is projected on video screen a serie of original Polaroids and drawings/painting made by Alessio Silvestrin. 17 HAIKU for virginal and mokugyo has been included in the premiere of the program by Alessio Silvestrin “Constellation & Asterism” performed at the Italian Cultural Institute of Tokyo on November 28, 2014.