Zodiac Dialogues ( excerpt )


  • choreograph and original drawings: Alessio Silvestrin
  • dancers: André Frank Bauer, Anna Kallstrom, Annabelle Lefebre, Emma Harrison,
    Joel Small, Katy Geertsen, Louise Henshall, Megan Exton, Mercie Taylor, Penny Dolling
  • music: Karlheinz Stockhausen; Tierkreis (Zodiac)
    version for two lutes by Peter Söderberg and Sven Åberg
  • light design: Alessio Silvestrin, Rio Hall-Jones
  • costume design: Alessio Silvestrin, Sara Chirichilli
  • length total work: 24 min.
  • premiere: LINK Dance Company, Western Australia Academy of Performing Arts
    (WAAPA) Geoff Gibbs Theatre, Perth 22.05.2013

Zodiac Dialogues finds its intentions in fusion with the dancers and Stockhausen’s Tierkreis. Aspects inspired by the Zodiac constellations are combined with drawings and expanding qualities of tension in configuration with individuals participating to a cyclic abstract narration of flexible expressive scale.

Stockhausen’s Tierkreis: 12 Melodien der Sternzeichen / Zodiac: 12 Melodies of the Star Signs (1975) has been originally composed for 12 music-boxes. The 12 music-boxes are containing a different melody composed for each individual star sign of the Zodiac. Each of the 12 melodies has a different central pitch which forms the ascending chromatic scale (consisting of the 12 semi-tones) throughout the Zodiac cycle. Tierkreis (Zodiac) has been arranged in transcriptions for different instruments as well.