44 Duos

choreography: Alessio Silvestrin
dance: Yuichiro Yokoseki, Shingo Yoshimoto
music: Béla Bartók; 44 Duos for two violins, Sz.98
light design: Alessio Silvestrin
costumes design: Alessio Silvestrin
costumes maker: Eiko Kawashima
length: 55 min.
premiere: Cradle Hall, Tokyo 09.10.2011
production: CSB International

44 Duos for two violins and two dancers

Inspired by Béla Bartók’s 44 Duos for two violins, two bodies are moved towards the dialogue with a score for two other instruments, transporting and folding into space a melodic and rhythmic narration.
The physical transcription of the tension of the two violins, through the vibration of the bodies of the two dancers, engages an abstract conversation that suggests a reading of Béla Bartók’s music in a context that adds forms of equivalences to the score.
Each of these short music pieces becomes like a cell part of a larger form of life and shares thoughts in action between accents of silence and resonance of movements, as a sequence of anecdotes that recreates itself by assimilating the function of the logic and rigor of the sensations.

Alessio Silvestrin