• photo: Tatsuo Nambu

  • choreography: Alessio silvestrin
  • dancers: Hiroko Asami, Miho ito, Mihoko Kimura, Yukie Sako, Mio Sasaki, Shiho Sato, Miyuki Takahashi, Yuri Nakao, Yuka Nakatani, Yuka Miyake, Misaki Yokoi, Yui Yonezawa
  • music: Béla Bartók
  • piano: Makiko Sakamoto
  • video, set, light and costume design: Alessio Silvestrin
  • video assistence: Ayako Fujimori
  • *length*:15min.
  • premiere: Aichi Art Center, Nagoya 11.09.2004

The joy of an evidence which has the experience, but lost the meaning, approaches the experience in a related different form. The space by permutations of historical references, finds the images of a projected past. Movements familiar to the ballet vocabulary, by writing in an abstract language are searching in relation to the music of Béla Bartók for a possible choreographic structure.
The deriving result, of a possible use of the body, finds its intentions from resources of a certain kind of tradition, where the invisible its listened by looking at the sound.
This work searches inside the needs of the work itself, how an experience in a length of time is becoming the reflection of an idea.

Alessio Silvestrin