Noon afternoon

choreography, dance and ligth design: Alessio Silvestrin, Michael Shumacher
music: Thom Willems
costume design: Michiyo Sato
length: 12min.
premiere: New National Theater The Pit, Tokyo 16.09.2005


“Noon afternoon” was a hot combination of Alessio Silvestrin, Michael Schumacher and the music of Thom Willems.
A band of light stretched from the back of the audience to the stage moves slowly from side to side. In that space including the aisle of the audience seats, the two dancers in casual costumes react and synchronize with each other. The existence of the two naturally created a twist of psychological distance and physical distance. The twist made the simple stage very humane.

Makoto Urawa
On Stage Newspaper 14.10.2005