Sleeveless eye

  • choreography: Alessio Silvestrin
  • dancer: Sania Neskovic Persin, Leo Mujic
  • music, video, set and light design: Alessio Silvestrin
  • costume design: Alessio Silvestrin, Mateja Benedetti
  • length: 26 min.
  • premiere: Stara Elektrana / Old Power Station, Ljubljana 06.07.2006
  • co production: Zavod Bunker and Festival Ljubljana

The two arms are passing through a screen from two hole similar to eye-cut.

The rest of the hidden body becomes visible on the screen by a video image from a camera placed behind the same screen.

The screen becomes transparent and the body’s presence appears as a condensed image in the same frame.

Time intervals and body obstacles are creating a structure manifested by movements in response to the surrounding space.

The relationship between perception ands sense organ location finds division in a synthesis of sensation.

The function of seeing and the seer is related to the eyes including some that for appearance only, as the night bird which has eye-spots on the back of the head.

While the silent darkness becomes louder and experience searches for coherence in a state of awareness.

Trough a flat surface the uncovered limbs are acceding to a projected inside like touching a view left behind.

While wearing space I see you with my skin.

Alessio Silvestrin